Birmingham ArtsFest

Just a few words about my gig at ArtsFest 2011 on Sunday… It was the first time I’d performed at the festival and I’ve gotta say it was really enjoyable. If you’re reading this and stayed to watch/listen to me, then thanks so much… it means a lot.

It was great to see a few friends there and half way through my set they were joined by an influx of folk from the downstairs gig room as the lively sounding Tropicaux signed off. And that was what was so great about the Flapper as an ArtsFest venue as well… the audience don’t have to wait for a changeover with the start times of the acts every half an hour, alternating between floors.

Thanks also to Nairmi Rowe who did a great job both as venue officer and songstress as I managed to catch some of her sweet sounding vox later in the evening. Afterwards I poked my head round the door of the Prince of Wales before taking in a bit of the Amateurs on the Centenary Square Stage who I’d heard plenty of times on Radio WM’s Introducing show but never experienced live.

Good to see a fellow strat player in Alex Wesley 😉 …and was it he or singer Matt Colley who boomed out the loudest expletive Birmingham’s ever heard while commenting on the unlikely formation of a mosh pit at one of their gigs? Don’t think the council were planning on that one. Best Sunday I’ve had in a while anyway, see you there next year…

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