The Phoenix Club?

This week the music venue in my home town was bought at auction for £225,000 after going into administration a few months ago. Dudley JB’s has been closed all year, but I was wondering if it could it rise again like comedian Peter Kaye’s creation a few years back, the new owners having expressed their interest in keeping it a live music venue. In fact the head of the consortium has gone on record as saying he wants it to be refurbished and open again by Xmas!

Old JB’s

Despite it becoming more of a stop on the tribute band circuit in recent times, and with the few original acts seemingly getting heavier and more ‘metallic’ (not to mention older!) by  the year, I saw some great indie bands there back in the 90’s and even one or two in the not too distant past. It was the place where I got my first regular taste of live music and was practically within walking distance from my parents’ house, so will always have a place in my heart. 😉

I remember the going to the old ‘scout hut’  in King Street a few times before the club relocated to a larger premises on the other side of town in 1994. I think the first band I saw there was Senseless Things who I also caught at the Reading festival that year. Same goes for The Wildhearts who seemed to play JB’s a lot in those days.

Some others I recall…

  • Kerbdog – That was a good one back in the old place… really loud as I remember. Great heavy riff based alt. rock from Ireland.
  • Salad – The standout gig for me; they were an amazing live act at the height of the whole ‘Britpop’ thing. Lead singer Marijne van der Vlugt (?!) was a great front-woman. 😯
  • Shed Seven – Supported the next ones in my list… what a gig though. 😀
  • Supergrass – As above…
    New JB’s
  • Chumbawumba – Remember there being almost too many of them to fit on the stage.
  • The Damned – Saw them one night after working late at a pub/restaurant near the Merry Hill centre back in the summer of ’96! I was going less by then cuz the bands booked had become a bit too heavy for a pseudo-mod like me… 8)
  • Scott Matthews – Into the later years now. Local hero Scotty M was supporting none other that recent blues sensation…
  • Seasick Steve
  • Eagles of Death Metal – Oops, stayed in the pub too long and missed most of that one. 🙄

And there you have it. Spent many a Christmas and New Years Eve there as well…. by the sounds of it I could be back as soon as the festive season which is nearly upon us…

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