Things I did last Summer

I’m going to see Prince play in Birmingham for the first time in nearly twenty years next week, and having seen some more of my musical heroes perform last year, am transported back to these memorable outdoor events… It started the day before the Solstice, when Bruce Springsteen came to the Ricoch arena in Coventry. I took this shot of the packed stadium as the sun had gone down and the lights had come up.

Springsteen crowd

Talking of which, the Boss carried on way after the much brighter floodlights had been switched on, suggesting he’d broken the curfew. In any case it was an amazing show – no support of course as he played for a good 3 hours, the set featuring the ‘Born to Run’ album in its entirety.

A couple of weeks later I was at the Mostly Jazz festival in Birmingham to pay homage to Nile Rodgers and Chic. Another fantastic gig, ending with many of the punters on stage which it seemed was customary for the whole tour!

Nile Rogers and ChicI’d seen the Glastonbury performance on tv the weekend before so I knew I was in for a treat. A pretty good day really – the hottest of the year I think, a British Wimbledon Champion and then dancing the night away to a disco-funk legend, while he strummed classic after classic just a few feet away.

I finished off a month of catching some of the old masters at work with a trip to Hyde Park where the Rolling Stones were making the second of two appearances to mark their 50th anniversary in the Business.

Stones in the Park, again

…okay so I was a long way off but at least I’ve seen them at last (well, sort of)… is that Mick on guitar?!

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